Kartageners Syndrome: A Case Report in the Samutsakhon Hospital


  • Luckana Girapongsa Department of Radiology, Samutsakhon Hospital
  • Thanapat Puangpetch Department of Medicine, Samutsakhon Hospital
  • Orawan Autravisitkul Department of Radiology, Samutsakhon Hospital
  • Pariyanoot Deesuwun Department of Radiology, Samutsakhon Hospital




Kartageners syndrome, primary ciliary dyskinesia, situs inversus


Kartageners syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder.1 It is characterized by the triad of situs inversus, bronchiectasis and sinusitis. Basic problem is defective movement of the cilia.3 Recognition in this condition keeps prevention for unnecessary investigation. We have presented a case of Kartageners syndrome in the Samutsakhon hospital.


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Girapongsa L, Puangpetch T, Autravisitkul O, Deesuwun P. Kartageners Syndrome: A Case Report in the Samutsakhon Hospital. ASEAN J Radiol [Internet]. 2019Mar.11 [cited 2021Sep.21];19(2):164-70. Available from: https://asean-journal-radiology.org/index.php/ajr/article/view/35



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