About the Journal

The ASEAN Journal of Radiology (ASEAN-JR) publishes articles pertaining to the clinical imagingtherapy, and basic science of the radiologyradiation therapymedical physics and related educationalsocioeconomic and medicolegal issue in ASEAN regions and worldwide. The content of the ASEAN-JR is determined by the editors according to ASEAN-JR's policy.

ASEAN-JR is the official journal of and financially supported from:-

  • ASEAN Association of Radiology (AAR),
  • Royal College of Radiologists of Thailand (RCRT),
  • Radiological Society of Thailand (RST),
  • Foundation for Orphan and Rare Lung Disease (FORLD),
  • The Thai Society of Vascular & Interventional Radiology (TSVIR).

ASEAN-JR provides 7 steps of services including content editing by double blind peer reviews, statistical editing, language editing, and citation check to the authors (see author guidelines on the website).

Manuscripts will be accepted for publication in ASEAN-JR only if they are in the ASEAN-JR's scope and have been qualified by the ASEAN-JR's editing processes. Processing Fees and Article Page Charge from the authors are not required.